How to make a delicious cherry pie on kefir – secrets. A selection of recipes for different cakes with cherry on yogurt

Kefir is an amazing product.

In addition to its digestive benefits, excellent taste, it is also known to be an excellent base for dough.

Reacting with alkaline products – baking soda or baking powder – subsequently gives the dough an ethereal structure.

Baking turns out lush, delicate, fluffy.

Various fillings, including fruit, are suitable for this type of dough. Great option – kefir pie with cherries.

The aroma of fruit, slightly sour, slightly tart taste goes well with sweet lush dough.

There are several varieties of kefir cakes stuffed with cherries, but most of them are made on the same principle.

Basic principles of making kefir cakes with cherries
In principle, the dough for kefir dough cherry pies is prepared simply – all the ingredients are mixed, the form is filled and sent to the oven.

In addition to kefir, the dough usually contains sugar, eggs, soda, flour, possibly butter or margarine, as well as flavorings.

Kefir on the cake is desirable to take not the freshest, it should be at least two, but preferably three days.

Kefir can take any fat – it depends only on the caloric content, but not the taste and quality.

Soda for such a cake does not need to be extinguished separately – it is extinguished by kefir acids.

Cherries can be used fresh, frozen or canned.

Fresh cherries must be pitted. Frozen thaw, drain the juice. Cured syrup in a can, although it is sometimes assumed that the fruit is used in conjunction with the syrup. This must be taken into account when calculating the amount of sugar.

Basic recipe for a simple cherry pie on yogurt
A simple set of products, a handful of berries and a little time – a delicious cake will be ready. An inexperienced housewife is better to start with it and then move on to culinary tops. The main products of this cake are taken in equal proportions – one cup.


A glass of kefir
A cup of sugar
A cup of flour
Cup of pitted cherries
Three eggs
Teaspoon with a bowl of baking powder.
Method of preparation

Prepare the cherry: wash, remove the bones. Place in a colander to add extra juice. It can be used for fruit drink, compote, but in the pie is useless: the dough can be soaked.
Beat the eggs and sugar with a fork, stirrer, mixer.
Pour non-cold kefir, stir.
Mix the flour with the baking powder. Add to the liquid.
The dough should come out like pancakes. If it is liquid, add more flour.
Knead so that there are no lumps. Pour into a form filled with oil.
The cherries are located on top. When the cake rises during baking, the fruit will sink into the dough. The top will be beautiful and elegant.
Bake in a medium oven for half an hour, check if necessary, bake for another ten minutes.
You can sprinkle the finished cake with powdered sugar.
A little harder – a little more tender: kefir dough and cherry pie butter
Adding butter to the kefir dough makes the cake more tender, less moist, filling and sumptuous. The oil should be taken at room temperature, not frozen or melted. Violation of this rule will not allow to achieve the desired effect in the preparation of the test.


Pact for half a liter of kefir
Half a packet of butter – about 100 grams
A cup of sugar
Two cups of flour
A teaspoon of soda
1-2 eggs
Vanillin to taste
Horst of cherries, more.
Method of preparation.

Separate and mix the egg whites with the sugar.
Separately, rub butter with egg yolks, pour kefir, add baking soda, vanilla.
Combine the proteins with a mixture of butter and kefir, mix gently.
Pour the flour, mix well. If the mixer, then do not turn on at high speed.
Pour the prepared dried cherries.
Spread the form, sprinkle with flour and pour the dough into it.
Send in the oven at medium temperature. After 40 minutes the cake should be ready.
Open the oven slightly and leave to cool for an hour.
The realm of flavors: kefir pie with cherry, coffee and honey
Coffee, cherry and honey create an interesting rich flavor combination. And in fact, this cake is the same kefir sponge cake. The addition of oil makes its structure more silky and delicate. From these products a small pie is obtained; if desired, the proportions can be increased.


A glass of kefir or yogurt
Cups of sugar
1-2 eggs
1/3 cup refined butter
A teaspoon of soda
A tablespoon of instant coffee
A tablespoon of honey
Approximately 2 cups of flour.
Pitted cherries.
Method of preparation

Pour sugar, coffee, put honey in kefir, beat the eggs. Mix it.
Add baking soda, leave for a few minutes, stir, pour the butter.
When all the ingredients are combined, it’s time for flour. You need to pour it, stirring well. The dough should turn out like sour cream.
Finally add the cherry, mix it carefully and pour it into the form.
Bake the cake for about 40 minutes in the oven at medium temperature.
It turns out soft, gentle, high. You can from above